There are a lot of big organisations who offer valuable services which help dramatically (links to some of these charities can be found on our homepage). However, the day to day reality of supporting someone you love in this situation is much, much harder than people imagine.

We found there were small gaps in the UK’s supportive network – these we aim to assist in filling to the best of our ability.

Sadly, we cannot solve people’s financial problems, we simply hope that with the generosity of our contributors and supporters we can provide little gestures to “make life a little easier” for those who need it.

Grant Application

If you and your family need assistance please download our Grant Application below and email it to us by clicking the ‘Submit Form’ button at the top of the application.

Click here to apply using our grant application form.

How we already help

• Provide television viewing cards for in-patients of ward 30 (Haematology) at Arrowe Park Hospital
• Provide shopping vouchers for day patients of ward 30
• Provide WHSmith vouchers for in-patients at The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit (ward 10z) at The Royal Liverpool Hospital
• Provide grants to those who have had to leave work due to their own, or a loved ones, illness. The Grant would assist them to cover bills, rent, daily needs, etc.


• Provide shopping vouchers for day patients at The Bone Marrow Transplant Unit
• Assist with travelling costs and/or transport for families of patients being treated at both Ward 30 and Ward 10z
• Collect DVDs for the Intensive Therapy Unit at The Royal Liverpool Hospital

Other ideas we have

• Provide portable DVD players to be used by the day patients of Ward 30 and Ward 10z
• Negotiating reduced parking costs for visitors to both wards
• Provide coffee and meal vouchers for visitors to both wards
• Provide dongles for internet access for in-patients at both wards
• Provide microwavable meals for in-patients on Ward 10z
• Provide care packages for families of in-patients in both wards

How we’re raising money

• Charity nights
• Sponsored events
• Donations
• Donation tins in shops, bars, workplaces, etc
• Sale of wristbands

How YOU can help

• Attend our fundraising events
• Sponsor people who are running/walking/jumping out of planes for us
• Hold your own fundraising event
Donate money to us
• Buy our wristbands
• Donate items and/or services for us to raffle or auction at our events
• Use your contacts to get us items and/or services
• Spread the word – tell people about us, use media contacts, bring new people to our events

If you would like to help us out with any of the above, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us here.