19 April 2017 marks what would have been Candice’s 30th birthday. Her close friends and family will be marking the day in a few meaningful ways but we wanted to ask everyone who loved and cared about Candice to honour her memory in their own way.

We think it’s important to spread the love so we’re not asking everyone to just donate money to Candice’s charity (although that’s always gratefully received) but rather to do things that challenge them, or donate time or items to other charities in memory of Candice.

1. Visit 30 places you’ve never been before (it doesn’t have to be foreign or exotic locations – try 30 places in your local area). Take photos of everywhere you visit and post them on our facebook page
2. Do a 30 day fitness challenge (post pictures every day)
3. List 30 things you are grateful for or write 30 thank you notes to people (share some of them with us on our facebook page)
4. Donate 30 hours of your time to a local charity – work in a charity shop, help out at a rescue centre (post pictures – good publicity for the other charities too)
5. Donate £1 for 30 days to a charity (or 30 different charities) or £30 a month for the next 12 months
6. Give up something for 30 days (smoking, drinking, chocolate, coffee)
7. Do a random act of kindness for 30 days (or spread them out over a few months)
8. Walk 30 miles in 30 days
9. Swim 30 miles in 30 days
10. Cycle 30 miles in 30 days
11. Take 30 road trips in the next 12 months (Candice loved road trips)
12. Read 30 books in the next 12 months
13. Go on 30 rollercoaster/ theme park rides (try to do it in a day!) Candice hated heights but she went on the Big One at Blackpool when she was only 10!
14. Try 30 foods or drinks you’ve never tried before over the next 12 months
15. Give 30 flowers to random strangers (be careful here! Attach a tag and explain why you’re doing it)
16. Give 30 lottery tickets to 30 people with a little note explaining why
17. Light a candle in 30 different churches
18. Share your memories of Candice with us (let’s collect 30)
19. Share 30 photos of Candice
20. Donate 30 items of clothing to a charity shop in memory of Candice who loved fashion
21. Bake 30 cupcakes and sell them to friends/family/colleagues for £1 each and donate the money to your favourite cause in memory of Candice who loved baking
22. Bake 30 cupcakes and take them to your local shelter or care home in memory of Candice who loved baking
23. Donate 30 pairs of socks to a homelessness charity in memory of Candice who loved socks (especially odd ones)
24. Donate 30 children’s books to a local primary school (collect used ones from families and friends). Write a little note inside to say they have been donated in memory of Candice
25. Sell 30 items on ebay/facebook and donate the money in memory of Candice
26. Have 30 glasses of rose in 30 different locations (not all in the same day!)
27. Collect 30p a day in a jar for the next 12 months – you’ll end up with over £100 to donate to charity at the end of the year in memory of Candice
28. Don’t buy a takeaway and take your own lunches to work for 30 days – donate the money you save to charity in memory of Candice
29. Spend £30 on art supplies for your local primary school or children’s ward
30. Buy 30 tins/packets of animal food and donate to your local animal shelter